In The Middle of a Miracle

 We are in a special Kairos moment of miracles being activated...things that have been delayed are being released in an expedited rate of acceleration. 

I have contended for several years that we have been on the verge of a supernatural release of creative miracles and an activation of the Gift of Faith that we have have only dreamed of and prayed for. An old prophet told me before he died that the signal of the restored New Testament Church at the entrance of the Kingdom era would be undeniable creative miracles. Miracles of Red Sea proportions...ridiculous blessings such as ravens feeding a prophet, water being turned into wine, and Angels releasing people of God from imprisoned situations. 

In this season I highly recommend reading Frank Damazio's book Miracles. It is a very balanced, scriptural analysis of the miracles of scripture and especially the miracle ministry of Jesus. 

The past 2 weeks I have actually seen 100's of people claim and confirm instant physical healing, and others have undeniably experienced instant miracles where legs have straightened and grown. Ears have opened, wheelchairs have emptied, hips have realigned, growths have disappeared, etc...

This is the third time I have felt this in my lifetime! 3 is the number of completion. I truly believe and confess that we have entered into the season of the restoration of The New Testament Church. We have been experiencing a Mark 8 Moment where we have been living in a time of the activation of the miraculous but not the fulfillment of the clarity of the miracle. I have preached since I was 14 that we would see a season in history where desperation would birth the miraculous in our midst. 

Everything has shifted in the last 3 years:international relations, the economy, wars and rumors of wars, the elevation of a secular society against even cultural Christendom. Throughout history, persecution, famine and despair have activated faith in the hearts of true believers that each time captured the heart of God!