13 Things I Did Not Accomplish in 2013

    If you are anything like me, it’s possible that reviewing your 2013 Bucket List, New Year’s Resolutions or Goal List made you feel a little discouraged. To be honest, there were a lot of things I wanted to accomplish last year that I didn’t.

    Sure, some of it was out of my control. Sometimes other people’s desires get in the way of our desires. And when situations are taken out of our hands, there is nothing we can do but bow out as gracefully as possible and go on with our altered lives.
    Or possibly, my goals were not the same as God’s goals for me. Maybe I let my flesh take over and didn’t listen for the Holy Spirit to lead me down the path I was supposed to take.
    Also, it’s highly likely that I was just too lazy or unmotivated to do those things I thought were important when the year started. I just wanted to chill out and take life as it happened and not put forth as much effort as I should have.
    Whatever the excuse may be, there were several tasks that remained undone. I was bummed for a little bit about not learning how to bake bread and not losing those pesky 15 pounds. But then I realized:there are a lot of things that I did NOT accomplish that I am quite delighted about! I guess it’s all in where we place our focus. I hope you will join me in celebrating the things that we did NOT accomplish in 2013.

13 Things I Did NOT Accomplish in 2013

  1. I did NOT go into the hospital or get sick one time.
  2. I did NOT lose my husband to the cerebral malaria he contracted on a mission trip to Africa.
  3. I did NOT give into the bitterness that threatened to consume me.
  4. I DID NOT MOVE! Hallelujah! (that one deserves all caps!)
  5. I did NOT say on social media HALF the stuff I wanted to say.
  6. I did NOT go into further debt.
  7. I did NOT move up a clothing size.
  8. I did NOT curse, beat up or shoot anyone even though I did want to a few times.
  9. I did NOT sell my kids or cheat on my husband.
  10. I did NOT blame God for the bad things that happened to me.
  11. I did NOT give up on the church or God’s people even though I felt hurt and betrayed by them.
  12. I did NOT go ghetto gangsta on people who publicly humiliated my family members for no reason (wait...is that the same as #8? hmmm...maybe I need to modify #3 a bit...ya think?)
  13. I did NOT give into the fear that threatened to overtake me as I was unexpectedly thrust into an uncertain future.

    Wow! When I change my perspective a little and look at things differently, I realize I did accomplish a lot in 2013! It may not seem like anything huge to you but then again, you haven’t walked in my shoes. “You don’t know like I know what He’s done for me!” I am thankful I’m still here, alive and well. My family and friends are by my side, sharing in our love for each other. I am strong in my faith and walking daily in God’s presence.
    Sure, I didn’t ride a motorcycle or learn CPR but there’s always 2014. I am alive and that means I still have a future prepared for me before the foundation of the world! God is in control and He has much better plans for me than I could ever think up for myself. Again, as I face this new year, I place my life into His very capable hands and allow Him full access into every area to mold me into the person I need to be.     
    I just hope that person is 15 pounds lighter.


“I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do.” Steve Jobs