Little Old Ladies and Mischievous Fathers

So I almost got beat up by a little old lady in the movie theater tonight because my phone beeped with a text. I had told Alayna to text me her plans for the evening and I guess I forgot to put my phone on silent. It made one small sound right as Tom Hanks was facing the pirates for the first time.

    I didn’t know my own life was in danger as well.

    Out of the blue, Granny went straight up OG on me! She was serious! Standing up shouting at me to turn off my phone or she was going to tell the manager and get me kicked Captain Phillips was gonna get shot by the pirates just because my phone beeped.

    And I just had to laugh. Believe me, it wasn’t because I’m such a good, sweet, mild-mannered person. My husband is nice and if he had been there, he probably would have apologized profusely, begged her forgiveness and offered to move. But folks, that’s just not my nature. I don’t like people actin’ a fool for no reason. And I can fly off the handle pretty quickly.

    No, I had to laugh because my Heavenly Father was being sneaky. He thought He was gonna throw a pop quiz at me and I wouldn’t be prepared and would forget all I said I was going to do. But I had my mind made up and Granny wasn’t going to make me falter.

    Folks, I’ve been through this too many times to not know what the Lord was up to. Because what usually happens when we make new commitments about becoming stronger Christians and better people all around, the Lord will immediately test us to see if we really mean it. To make sure we are gonna walk the walk and not just talk the talk.  And I have been reading a lot about love in my Bible lately and had decided that I was gonna raise my love bar and go to new heights of loving people and open my heart to all kinds of people...

    Hence, the little episode with Cruella Deville. She was sent out on a little errand by my mischievous Father to see just how serious I was about learning to love all kinds of people, people who don’t deserve it, people who are just, well, stupid.

    I realized, once again, that people who act that way are miserable and they just want to make everyone else miserable too. And I just feel sorry for them (and especially for the poor husband sitting beside her!). Most people who are hard to love have so many issues that make them the way they are and somehow, that eases my anger and causes me to soften a little.

    And you know what? I think I passed the test! I didn’t say anything to her or flash any hand gestures. I turned my phone off and sat quietly during the rest of the movie. Captain Phillips made it out alive even though there was that little “cell phone” issue that came up. Afterwards, I went to the bathroom and when I was washing my hands, I turned and there she was. I gave her a little smile and walked out with hands dripping wet. I wasn’t about to ask her to move so I could use the hand dryer.

    I was afraid she would punch me.