It just dawned on me this afternoon how important it is for us to keep things in the correct perspective. Perspective means "point of view" and "a mental view or outlook." I was sweeping my stairs and the thought tried to break into my consciousness "why am I doing this? what has my life come to? don't I have better things to do??" That old trick of the devil-discontent-was making a play for my thoughts. Of course, he shoulda known better! I have been doing this too long to allow such an amateur move to work on me. I have been through too many changes in my life and seen God work "all things together for my good" too often to allow thoughts of fear of what God is currently doing in my life to take hold. You may think, "All that from sweeping the stairs??" LOL!! Well...I do have an overactive mind...

    One of the activities that we are going to do as a family real soon is to draw timelines of our lives. I know that the kids may not have a huge amount to put on theirs but I still think it is important. The reason being is that sometimes we can get so caught up with what is going on in our lives RIGHT NOW! We forget our pasts and we don't know what will happen in our futures so we put all our emotions into what is happening at the moment. We don't have that correct perspective that says 'this day, month, year is just one in my life. What is happening to me today will not happen always'. A timeline will show us-in black and white-how life has its ups and downs but how God always works things out. I think it is very important for us to have this correct perspective to be able to mature as Christians.

    For instance, I can worry and fret and be condemned that I am not really serving in God's Kingdom as much at the moment as I used to. Yes, I travel with my husband some, work in the nursery at church and speak and sing here and there. But I have been accustomed to working full-time among the saints of the church. So I could beat myself up by pointing out that I am not doing the same now. But then I realized that now, at this moment and season of my life, I am able to pray, read and study and write sooo much more than I was able to do at that time. 

    My point is, live the life God has given you today! Don't constantly be worrying about what life you had yesterday or last year. Don't put God down by fretting about your future-is this gonna happen? is that gonna happen? In the Bible it says, "Do whatever you do with all your heart as to the Lord."  Jn.9:4 says, "All of us must quickly carry out the tasks assigned to us by the One who sent me (Jesus)."

    We have a very close family friend who just graduated from nursing school. Although he had his parents', church and friends' support, it was still a very complicated and trying time in his life. He actually had to give up being a youth pastor and cut back on his church attendance to enable him to have the time that he needed to study. Now, he could've gotten depressed thinking he was stepping away from God and that he was a bad person. But we encouraged him-at this time in his life-to put his education first (not before God but before his church commitments) and the time would come for him to be free to serve God's people once this extreme schooling time was over. 

    God knows who you are, where you are and what your future holds. He knows your past, your present and has already worked everything out for you in your future! Put all you've got into your right now! God only asks for our best in whatever we do. Even if it simply sweeping the stairs on a rainy winter day.