"No Spending" Month



    How many of you have wallets that need a little R&R after the holiday season? I know mine does! So our family goes on a spending break in January. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we don’t spend any money in January, hence the No Spending in parenthesis. We haven’t got to the point yet where we can eat for a month out of our pantry or freezer. And of course, those monthly bills keep rolling in. No, it is more of a voluntary freeze on things we can cut back on for a few weeks and it is for many great reasons.


  1. Replenish bank accounts.

    This is a very important reason to cut back on spending in January. Most of us have given till it hurts and we need to give our wallets a break from all that opening and closing. If you are like my family, you have already bought or been given as Christmas presents most of the winter clothes you need. We ate enough from Thanksgiving to New Year’s that we could cut waaayy back on food expenses and not miss a scrap. So there’s not really a whole lot that we need in January. Want maybe, but not need. By planning a “no spending” month, we are able to funnel any extra money we have back into our accounts instead of spending on stuff we don’t really have to have.


  1. Use up what we’ve got.

    Most of have have a whole lot of stuff we don’t really use, extras of this and that all over our houses. Too many clothes, too much food, way too many knick-knacks and papers and books. If we will focus on using up what we have instead of rushing out to buy more, we will not only save money but we will de-clutter our homes as well in the process.


  1. Focus on what we have.

    One of the greatest things about this month is that we will focus on what we have instead of constantly being on the lookout for what we want.. I am not a big shopper but I have determined that even Goodwill runs are out for January. Every heard someone say, “Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean you need to buy it.” I think that probably applies here. We can get so focused on what we desire-covet-that we forget all of the wonderful things we have right under our noses. And not just material things but also, family and neighbors and pets and free sunshine and green grass! (Yes, I am one of those tree huggers.) Denying ourselves for one short month will take our minds off of always wanting, wanting, wanting and cut some those coveting ways out of our lives so we can focus on the things that really matter.


  1. Have time to focus elsewhere.

    Cutting out shopping could add many hours to our month! If we realized how much time we actually spend shopping, preparing to shop, unloading all our purchases, making room in our houses for them, figuring out how to use/wear them...makes me tired just thinking about it! We could turn around and use that time productively doing something else. We could read more, study our Bibles, work out, and clean out our sock drawer. 


    Have you ever tried one of these “No Spending” challenges? There are quite a few different ones floating around. Let us know how it worked for you! I am actually excited about doing it because of the many great benefits it brings. Join me! Do your own version for your own reasons. 


    You’ll be glad you did!