Time to Hustle

“The Dream is Free but the Hustle is Sold Separately”

Back of a Baseball Mom’s T-Shirt



Thinking about dreams today and then I saw the T-shirt. I knew it was a sign. I have a dream right now, a huge one. It’s about a three million dollar dream. It’s too big for me. I can’t attain it. I can’t even really wrap my brain around it.


But it’s there. I can’t shake it loose. I can’t give it up. Even when the doubters say it can’t be done or the owners quote that price tag, it remains. 


My daring dream.

My sweet spot.

What my life would look like if I could have exactly what I wanted. 


But who gets that? Who am I to think that I get more after so many have so little? I am already abundantly blessed! The fulfillment of this dream would just be the icing on the cake. I would have my cake and get to eat it too.


Am I that lucky? Do I think I am special or something? Why can’t I just be ordinary and not dream big, extravagant, expensive dreams? Who do I think I am? 


I’ve traveled the world. I have a beautiful, healthy family. I pay my bills.


I live in America.


What more do I need?


Need?? I guess I don’t need this dream to become reality. I could continue to live my life as is and still be fulfilled, happy and healthy.


But I want it real bad.


So I decided today that I’m gonna hustle. I’m going to do everything I can do to make it happen. If it does, YAY! If it doesn’t, at least I will know I gave it my all and did the best I could. I’m gonna pray, fast, network, call, talk, agree, bind, loose, trust, whatever I can do-in all my human power-to make it work. 


Then-if God wills-He will step in and actually make these spinning wheels get some traction and take me somewhere. He can do more in one second than I can do all my life. He has already proven that to me in the pursuit of this dream. I can’t do it. I don’t have an extra three million lying around. But He does. And what’s so cool is that He doesn’t expect me to do the impossible. He knows I am weak and lowly. He only expects me to do what I can do. He expects me to trust Him with the heavy lifting and just walk through any open doors I see and maybe even bust down a few if needed.


He expects me to hustle.


So hustle it is. No more indecision or worry or doubt. I'm going for it! It's what I want, my dream. I am going to “write the vision and make it plain so that he who reads it can run with it” as the Bible admonishes. I won’t give up. 


On any of my dreams. 


Send up a prayer for me if you don’t mind. I will need it for the arduous journey ahead. I want everything God has for me and I know you do too! He is able and He is faithful! I truly believe that if we will trust in Him, He will give us the desires of our hearts.


If we will just give Him a lil’ hustle.