Safe or Sorry?



Is it really better to be safe than sorry? I’m wondering...


I just had a janky looking mole removed from my leg. It was an uncomfortable office visit for a biopsy, then a two week recovery. Had to favor that thigh so I didn’t pop the stitches, then it was another visit to get them taken out. I will have a scar the rest of my life.


The thing is, it was just a mole. A janky looking, benign mole.


I mean, thank God it wasn’t cancerous! My mom, sister and niece have all had cancerous moles removed and that’s why I went ahead and had it looked at even though I’m not a fan of going to the doctor.


As they say, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”


But it got me thinking about the cost of us playing it safe. I haven’t gotten my doctor bill yet, so no telling how much it actually cost me money-wise to get that little mole cut out of my leg. And that’s not including any downtime,  discomfort, or scarring.


Even more than that though, I wonder if I have ever “played it safe” and maybe missed out on some grand adventure God had planned for me?


I come from a laid-back family. We don’t do blow-ups or fights or estrangement. We don’t blast off passive-aggressive rants on Facebook or sub-tweet on Twitter. We are cool. Mellow. Safe. My husband and his family are pretty much the same. We are chill and it takes a lot to get us riled up.

Which is great! I’m very thankful for the relationships we have with each other. I am blessed that my everyday life is smooth and ordinary and safe.


But right now, I’m in the mood to rock the boat! I want to jump out and walk on water! I don’t want to sit in the boat and whine about the storm and the waves and woe is me and where is Jesus when I need Him?! Yeah, the boat is probably “safer.” Can you imagine Peter weighing out the probable outcomes of him jumping out of that boat and walking on the water? “Let’s see...the velocity of the wind multiplied by the height of the waves subtracted by the depth of the sea, add my weight and height...”


Not seeing it. I have a feeling he saw Jesus and just wanted to take a great adventure. He saw something he had never seen-a man walking on top of the water, oblivious to the storm around him!-and said “Yeah, I’m in! I want some of that!” He dared to step out no matter the storm around him or the impossibility of what he was about to attempt. I like to think he thought something like, “Well, I may die but I won’t be safe and I won’t be sorry!” right before jumping over the side of that rocking boat.


People, Peter walked on water! As far as we know, he was the only person besides our Lord who did it! Was the risk worth the reward? I think so!


Did he doubt and begin to sink? Yes, he did and we will too. We are only human! We may step out and start to walk on water and then we realize what we are doing! And human reasoning pulls us back to reality and we begin to doubt in our flesh what we started out to do in the Spirit. But you know what? Jesus was right there as Peter began to sink! And He is with us! He will never leave us or forsake us! 


Did He approve of Peter more than the others who held back in the boat in fear? I don’t know. I have lots of questions about faith and failures and such. But I know that today-right now-I am stepping out of the boat. I don’t want what everybody else has. I don’t want to be comfortable or stagnant or doubtful or safe. I want more. I want to walk on water if Jesus bids me “Come”!


We can all do it! Even in the most difficult circumstances, He is near and He is loving and supportive. He is ever-present to lend a hand and lift us up  when we are drowning and place us above the storm and doing things we never thought were possible!


Step out today! Don’t be safe! Test out those waters and see if you can walk on them! If you start to sink, just call out to Jesus and He’ll be there when you need Him.


You won’t be sorry.